Midori Mitamura

Midori Mitamura

Born in in Aichi Prefecture, Mitamura now lives in Tokyo and exhibites her site-specific artworks widely around the world. Through her presentations, she tries to share with people the awkward and endearing emotions and memories that are familiar to everyone, regardless of nationality or race. They encourage audience to explore the common understanding of human life beyond the cultural differences and country borders. Since she held her first solo exhibition in 1994 in Tokyo, she had shown her works in cities such as Moscow, Vienna, Cologne, Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin.

My theme is to portray `a personal drama to which others can step in.` By fusing elements from everyday memories and reminiscences with various media such as photographs, videos, and daily objects, I create a scene taken out of people`s personal tale.
I have been exhibiting my work both in Japan and abroad.
My site-specific art project `Art & Breakfast` has taken place around the world. The projects always involve inviting people to breakfast at the exhibition space where I create installation works. The growing number of installations are made from objects and eye-opening incidents that I encounter in my daily experience in the foreign land. By depicting the social and cultural issues of everyday life with humor and criticism, my installation works reflect the inner stories on each audience.

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Pigment print, Acrylic

500Ø x 30mm


Inquire Art Platform Tokyo

In the negative photo film that I picked up by chance, I see ordinary but happy scenes of a family whom I`ve never met.
A woman drenched in sunlight is smiling as I gaze at the black and white photograph. Although her image no longer exists in people`s memory in all likelihood, it is replayed in my mind like a film, as I apply bright colors and lights, reminiscent of the scenery I once saw, onto her image. Once more, I trace the contour of her image etched in the moment with my own fingers.

In this work, I present intricate layers of space-time and memories with a 1930`s black and white negative photo film that was sold at the flea market in Belgium. Looking at the printed photographs, I envision the images of people from those day enjoying a piece of chocolate in their daily life.

Locale: 2nd Floor ⑥

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