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A singer and actress, Moeco decided in 2011 to further develop her skills in chalk art, her favorite pastime. She studied in NYC from 2012 to 2013, debuting as a professional chalk artist in 2013. Since then, she has earned recognition for the realistic representation and uniquely textured surface, exhibiting her works in solo exhibitions in art galleries in Tokyo, NY and Los Angeles including Omotesando Sezon Gallery (2017). Recently, she has been participating in art fairs including Tokyo International Art Fair (2017), Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong (2018) , Art Asia, Korea (2018), and Art Gwangju, Korea (2018). With her portfolio extending from designing CD jackets, murals, shop signs, to poster for popular kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe, she continues to defy any traditional categorization.

Moeco’s subject matter varies from human to animals in her realistic artwork. With her fingertips and chalks, she generates a color gradient to express three-dimensional space on a blackboard.


Moeco works

Melting Banana Story

Melting Banana Story

Chalk on board

300 x 300 mm


Inquire Art Platform Tokyo

This is my first time I was asked to draw melting chocolate.
I chose to portray melting chocolate colorfully and three-dimensionally using my chalks.

Everybody loves the taste of chocolate covered banana pops. In this work, I wanted to directly communicate the feeling of unity and create oneness through everybody’s favorite food.

Locale: 3rd Floor ⑩

My melting story

My melting story

Chalk marker , photography

600 x 600 mm



Just as the renowned Japanese artist Yasumasa Morimura transformed himself into Salvatore Dali in his work, I myself, a woman artist, became the model for the portrait wearing a mustache, one of the symbols of manliness.
Look closely and you will find that the mustache is made out of sweet chocolate.
I wanted to portray the chasm, discomfort as well as humor by drawing two contrasting subjects in this picture.

Locale: 3rd Floor ⑩

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