Toshihiko Iwata

Toshihiko Iwata

Born in Kamaukura City, Kanagawa. Iwata graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts (B.A. in Lacquer Art). He has been participating in various solo/group exhibition at contemporary art galleries and spaces such as Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, POLA Annex Museum, and Aoyama Spiral Hall (‘SIFC’) as well as at museums in Fukushima and in Kitakata City. He has also been designing labels for sake. His works are included in the private collection at POLA, Mont Blanc and Sato Museum(Tokyo).

I have been working with lacquer, a technique historically applied to produce items for daily use in Japan, to create artwork using traditional methods.
A series of my work featuring a contemporary take on the classic Japanese motifs such as patterns from nature and samurai family crests have been exhibited not only in traditional venues (i.e. temples and shrines) but also in contemporary museums and art galleries.

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Toshihiko Iwata works

butterfly and dry leaves

butterfly and dry leaves

Japanese lacquer, Wood panel

H900 x W900 x D30mm


Inquire Art Platform Tokyo

The lacquer work on a flat panel is my latest work from the series featuring classic Japanese patterns. On a smooth and sleeky surface of the square lacquered-panel which likens itself to a chocolate cube, I rendered a gray butterfly and withered leaves in the center against the two-tone background in matcha green that stirs up the image of matcha tea and black.

Locale: 2nd Floor ⑨

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